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Navigating Workers' Compensation with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)


Understanding the role of the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) in workers' compensation is crucial for both employees and employers in Texas. This page offers insights into how TDI oversees and regulates the workers' compensation system, ensuring fair and efficient processing of claims and compliance with state laws.

The Role of TDI in Workers' Compensation:

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) plays a pivotal role in administering and regulating the workers' compensation system in Texas. TDI's Division of Workers' Compensation is tasked with ensuring that injured workers receive the medical and income benefits they are entitled to and that employers comply with the legal requirements for workers' compensation insurance.

Key Responsibilities of TDI:

  • Regulation and Oversight: TDI regulates the workers' compensation system, overseeing insurance companies and self-insured employers to ensure they comply with state laws.
  • Dispute Resolution: TDI provides dispute resolution services to help resolve disagreements between injured workers, employers, and insurance carriers.
  • Safety Violations Hotline: TDI operates a hotline for reporting unsafe working conditions, emphasizing the importance of workplace safety and prevention of injuries.
  • Education and Resources: TDI offers educational resources and training for employers, employees, and healthcare providers involved in the workers' compensation system.

Filing a Workers' Compensation Claim with TDI:

  1. Report the Injury: Injured workers should report their injury to their employer as soon as possible.
  2. Seek Medical Attention: Obtain necessary medical treatment and inform the healthcare provider that the injury is work-related.
  3. File a Claim: The employer should file a claim with their workers' compensation insurance carrier, who in turn reports the claim to TDI.
  4. Follow TDI Guidelines: Adhere to TDI's guidelines for documentation, deadlines, and any additional requirements to ensure the claim is processed smoothly.

For Employers:

Employers must maintain compliance with TDI regulations, including providing workers' compensation insurance, reporting injuries to the insurance carrier, and cooperating with TDI's dispute resolution process. Employers can also access resources on workplace safety and claims management through TDI.

Dispute Resolution:

If disputes arise regarding a claim, TDI offers several levels of dispute resolution, including Benefit Review Conferences, Contested Case Hearings, and Appeals. These processes are designed to ensure fair outcomes for all parties involved.


The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) serves as a critical component of the workers' compensation system in Texas, ensuring injured workers receive their entitled benefits and promoting a safe work environment. Whether you're an employee seeking assistance with a claim or an employer looking to comply with state laws, TDI provides the resources and support necessary to navigate the workers' compensation landscape.

Contact Information:

For more information or assistance with workers' compensation claims, you can contact TDI directly through their official website or by calling their helpline.

For more information regarding Texas Workers Compensation: https://www.tdi.texas.gov