standard legal insurance plan

At VARGAS GUERRA, LLP, we recognize the evolving legal needs of growing businesses. Our Standard Legal Insurance Plan is tailored to provide comprehensive legal support and services that align with the challenges and opportunities faced by expanding operations. Priced at $199 per month, this plan is designed to offer enhanced legal protection and advice, facilitating smooth business growth without the worry of unforeseen legal hurdles.

What’s Included in the Standard Plan:

  • Extended Legal Consultation: Up to 5 hours of legal consultation per month on new matters, offering you more in-depth advice and strategic legal guidance as your business expands.

  • Comprehensive Document Review and Drafting: Review and drafting of contracts or legal documents up to 20 pages per month. This ensures your business agreements are robust, legally sound, and tailored to your specific needs.

  • Demand Letters: Preparation and dispatch of standard and customized cease and desist or demand letters (up to 5 per year) to proactively address disputes or infringements and protect your business interests.

  • Expanded Legal Document Templates: Access to an expanded library of legal document templates, providing a broader range of resources for various business needs, from complex contracts to employee handbooks.

  • Contract Negotiation Representation: Representation in contract negotiations (up to 2 per year), leveraging our legal expertise to secure favorable terms and protect your business in agreements.

  • Discount on Attorney Fees: A 15% discount on standard attorney fees for additional services not covered by the plan, extending your savings on legal costs for any extra needs.

  • Annual Legal Check-up: One comprehensive annual legal check-up to review the legal health of your business, ensuring compliance and identifying any potential legal issues before they escalate.

  • Basic Employment Law Consultation: Up to 2 hours of employment law consultation per month, addressing common workplace issues and ensuring your employment practices comply with current laws.


The Standard Plan offers extensive coverage but does not include:

  • Advanced litigation and dispute resolution services.
  • Intellectual property registration and complex disputes.

Ideal for:

This plan is perfectly suited for businesses experiencing growth and facing the complexities that come with scaling operations. It’s ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that require more than just basic legal services and seek proactive legal support in contract negotiations and employment law matters.

Flexibility and Upgrade Options:

Our Standard Legal Insurance Plan is designed with your growing business in mind, offering the option to upgrade to our Premium plan as your legal needs become more complex. This ensures that your business always has access to the level of legal support it requires.

Getting Started:

To enroll in the Standard Legal Insurance Plan or to discuss how it can serve your business’s growth and legal needs, contact VARGAS GUERRA, LLP. Our dedicated team is ready to provide the enhanced legal support and protection your business deserves as it grows.

Empower your business with comprehensive legal support tailored to the challenges of growth. Reach out to us today, and let’s explore how the Standard Legal Insurance Plan can contribute to your business’s success story.