what are the possible outcomes of my appeal?

In Texas, the possible outcomes of a criminal appeal can vary significantly, reflecting the appellate court's assessment of the trial court proceedings and the specific grounds for the appeal. Here are the general outcomes that could result from a criminal appeal in the state:

1. Affirmation

The appellate court may affirm the trial court's decision, meaning they find no error significant enough to impact the verdict or sentence. In this case, the conviction and sentence stand as originally decided.

2. Reversal

If the appellate court finds a significant legal error that could have affected the verdict or sentence's outcome, it may reverse the trial court's decision. This outcome could lead to a variety of further actions, including the possibility of a new trial.

3. Remand

The case may be remanded, or sent back, to the trial court for further proceedings consistent with the appellate court's findings. This could occur if the appellate court determines that additional hearings are necessary or if a new trial is warranted due to procedural or evidentiary errors.

4. Modification

Sometimes, the appellate court might modify the trial court's decision. For example, this could involve altering the sentence based on findings related to sentencing errors or legal misinterpretations without overturning the conviction itself.

5. Exoneration

Though rare, an appellate court can determine that the evidence unequivocally supports the defendant's innocence, leading to exoneration. This outcome is more common in cases involving post-conviction evidence, such as DNA evidence not available during the original trial.

6. Dismissal

An appeal can be dismissed if the appellate court finds that it lacks jurisdiction, the appeal was not filed in a timely manner, or the appellant withdraws the appeal. In such cases, the trial court's decision remains in effect.


The specific outcome of a criminal appeal in Texas depends on numerous factors, including the nature of the alleged errors, the evidence presented at trial, and appellate court interpretations of law. Each case's nuances require careful analysis and skilled legal advocacy to navigate the appellate process effectively. Vargas Law Firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance and robust representation for clients seeking to appeal criminal convictions, ensuring that their rights are vigorously defended throughout the process.